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upholstery made easy with sustainability in mind

 Furniture / Seating

Spring 2018

Pratt Institute




Project 20 x 50 focuses on creating a new way of conceiving upholstered furniture. The goal is to extend the furniture’s service time and generate a detachable design so that users can easily recycle them at the end of its life cycle. The new upholstery process encourages users to simply switch the fabric and foam as they please, based on change of taste, season and function of the furniture. The name ‘20x50’ serves as an instruction and a reminder that the user could cut any fabric into 20” by 50” to reupholster the chair. 





friction fit buttons

ase & fastener


Every year, 18.3 million tons of furniture waste end up in US landfill, despite over 50% of them being reusable in its current state or with slight repair and only 0.1% of furniture are recycled.


On the other hand, a new generation of millennial are starting to furnish homes bringing the market from $11.1 billion to $27 billion. Understanding that user’s decision to throw out a furniture being mainly two reasons, one is outdated style, second being having broken parts; more specifically is worn out fabric on upholstered couches and chairs or cushion loosing elasticity.

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Furniture recycling is a complicated situation due to the scale of furniture manufacturing and the complexity of the cycle of furniture production, this project will be focusing on extending the service time of the furniture and improve end of life recycling rates. 

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The Assembly

Adapts to different environments

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