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in memory of grandpa

Furniture / Seating

Summer 2018

Personal Project



Agong (Taiwanese for grandpa) is a furniture piece dedicated to my grandpa who passed away recently. 

The Ming dynasty style furniture is uniquely characterized by its simplicity, lightness and curves. These curves and handcrafted details indicated wealth, and even royalty because it was costly to produce. 

On the other hand, the most commonly used, mass produced chair in Taiwan are the plastic stools commonly used for outdoor street vendors and events (shown in image below). This product is widely accepted yet not appreciated because of its obvious lack of aesthetics, and value in craft.


I wanted to take these contrasting notions and create a solution that will elevate the ordinary, as well as bringing back the culture of our traditions. 

The essence of traditional furniture was able to re-surface in this project through modern method of production. The CNC made producing complex, curved shapes possible, while the integrity of the design was kept through using hand craft finishing. Most importantly, all the parts are simply assembled with the fastener design that holds these method-relationships in unity.

tai shi chair.png

The Assemby

Agong is designed to be flat packed- the four legs locked into the seat with the help of 4 fasteners. Stackable. No tools needed.


Inspired by the past, language of the ordinary, elevated to create an object for everyday living.

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